We use three stepping stones to build an effective, personalized program and to help you achieve your learning objectives:

  1. Intake
  2. Core program
  3. Follow-up

During the intake you have the opportunity to get a personal impression of who we are and to share your learning objectives with us. We use your input to tailor the program and accommodate as many needs as possible.

Essential for the Core program is that any theory provided will be directly linked to your daily practice. We encourage you to bring your own daily life cases. We challenge you, guide you and provide theoretical knowledge when needed. The training room is just a safe experimental setting for you to prepare for the actual work. Our success meter is whether you take action that moves you in the direction of your purpose.

We deeply care about the journey you undertake and anything that comes to your way. We therefore follow-up on your commitments to yourself and to your purpose so that you stay on track. As part of the program we offer 3 remote 30-min sessions to be scheduled up to 9 months after completion of the Core program.