My Purpose@Work helps people find what makes them unique and transform that strength into daily practice.

We have developed three different variations of the My Purpose@Work program so that we can offer an optimal match for your personal growth needs.


My Purpose@Work Core is our essential program that helps you:

  • Align your outcomes with your potential.

  • Access a practical toolkit to live up to your deeper drives.

  • Benefit from the value added by working in a group setting.

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My Purpose@Work Add-Ons are the extras we offer so that you can:

  • Adapt your personal plan to what works for you.

  • Get deeper insights in the theories behind the techniques we use.

  • Practice more to support your specific learning objectives .

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My Purpose@Work Refl@ct is a perfect match for you if you:

  • Continuously have to perform under time pressure.

  • Prefer one-on-one guidance.

  • Want to change your impact on your team’s dynamics.

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