My Purpose@Work Core

We waste our most valuable resources – our time and energy – on a daily basis. Nearly 90% of Dutch employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. The figures across Europe are not much different. This is a tough fact to digest. On top of that, our inner critic shows up when we least need him making us our own worst enemy.

Do you know your energy leaks? Do your results match your ambition? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail at it?

We put our knowledge, experience and insights in the Purpose@Work Core so that you can make a solid step towards work life marked by meaning and satisfaction. The program equips your with the tools you need to make the lasting change you seek. Gradually you will notice that the effect of the program reaches every aspect of the system you are part of: your team, your department or even your whole organisation, leading to greater outcomes.


The program is organized around three central themes:

  1. Purpose, values and beliefs
  2. Execution strategy
  3. Self-management

The fundament of the program is understanding what drives you (your values and believes) and to what direction (your purpose). This theme helps you understand the correlation between your environment, behavior, skills and outcomes.

Essential component of the program is the execution strategy: how do you turn your aspirations into results? How do you ensure that the process that leads to these results resonates with yourself? That is where the true value of the program emerges: getting real.

The third theme – self-management – is a prerequisite to move beyond strategy to actual execution. It is designed to prepare you to face setbacks and be able to push through.

During the program there is sufficient time to incorporate any theory provided, reflect and receive support by the trainers.


We use three stepping stones to build an effective, personalized program and to help you achieve your learning objectives:

  1. Intake
  2. Core program
  3. Follow-up

During the intake you have the opportunity to get a personal impression of who we are and to share your learning objectives with us. We use your input to tailor the program and accommodate as many needs as possible.

Essential for the Core program is that any theory provided will be directly linked to your daily practice. We encourage you to bring your own daily life cases. We challenge you, guide you and provide theoretical knowledge when needed. The training room is just a safe experimental setting for you to prepare for the actual work. Our success meter is whether you take action that moves you in the direction of your purpose.

We deeply care about the journey you undertake and anything that comes to your way. We therefore follow-up on your commitments to yourself and to your purpose so that you stay on track. As part of the program we offer 3 remote 30-min sessions to be scheduled up to 9 months after completion of the Core program.


During the My Purpose@Work Core program your inner compass is activated. This is an effect that gradually becomes visible in all areas of life, not just at work. You experience less frustrations and distractions and more acceptance and fulfillment. That transforms your relationships, brings new light on your objectives helps you break down a complex whole to sound bites leading to enhanced success rate. You waste less time on decision-making freeing up time for execution of what really matters to you, to your employer and in your personal life.


Duration: 6 days, 09:30 to 16:30 hrs
Group Size: 6-16 participants
Costs: EUR 1995,-, ex. VAT

  • Spring 2020: 28 Feb, 6 Mar, 13 Mar, 20 Mar, 27 Mar, 24 Apr

  • Autumn 2020: TBA

What makes us unique
  • Our business knowledge and expertise

  • The direct link between theory and daily practice

  • Our focused attention for your needs

  • The Tribes that emerge

  • Our yearly Bigger Purpose days