My Purpose@Work Refl@ct

You are in a leadership position and you have noticed that your role somehow seems to impact the amount of feedback you receive. You feel like there is a disconnect between the goals you set for the team, the messages you aim to send to your team and the attitude and the results of your team. Your people and you seem to be out of sync and you don’t seem to be able to find the right tools to change that, despite numerous attempts.

You are looking for an honest reflection of yourself, so that you can understand what aspects of your behavior and communication might need a tweak to shift towards a high-performing team.


Before you can successfully lead your team, it is essential for yourself to make sure you have access to your inner compass. The themes we work with, are Purpose Discovery, Self-Management and Team Dynamics.

Purpose Discovery helps you (re-)connect with your personal purpose and align it with your company’s purpose. This is the energy source that helps you inspire the people you work with.

Self-Management is your most essential toolkit. Observing, understanding and directing your thoughts, communication and behavior is the key to changing your outcomes.

Understanding Team Dynamics is crucial when you want to change joint outcomes of your team. We will help you see beyond the surface and comprehend what is really going on in your team. You have the steer you need to change the course.


We follow a three-step approach:

  1. Intake
  2. Refl@ct
  3. Follow-up

During the intake we discuss your needs and translate them to specific objectives.

The Refl@ct is the most personalized program we have: you are the main actor. Compared to My Purpose@Work Core, you exchange the benefits of working in a group for one-on-one interaction with and attention from one of our trainers/coaches.

We follow up remotely 3 times in a time frame of 6 weeks after concluding the program. We act as your ‘accountability partner’ who helps you follow through.


With Refl@ct you equip yourself with quick-fix tools to improve your team outcomes and bring more focus and energy in your work. It offers you insights in the improvement potential on the long term, for yourself and for your team.


Duration: 3 days
Follow-up: 3x in 6 wk upon conclusion
Costs: EUR 3595,-, ex. VAT

  • Personalized schedule and location

What makes us unique
  • Our business knowledge and expertise

  • The direct link between theory and daily practice

  • Our focused attention for your needs

  • The Tribes that emerge

  • Our yearly Bigger Purpose days